About Us

We are a company with 18 years of experience dedicated to the extraction, process, quality analysis and logistics of mineral delivery for agriculture and livestock. Including from the beginning to the logistics of delivery of our products, a whole with a single objective: To offer our customers products of the highest quality, as well as a quality service in the agricultural field.


Grupo TCDN S.A. de C.V. offers to be the participant and contributes as a necessary part for the development of the agricultural industry throughout the country, with the clear purpose of raising the production indexes and quality of the final products, without raising the production costs, on the other hand, to reduce them and at the same time optimize resources and their optimate use, as well as being more competitive in general terms for a producer and a market that is increasingly knowledgeable and demanding.


Currently we have alliances with various governmental institutes and private sector dedicated to the investigation and development, both national and international.


To be the first company in the country that offers its products with a specialized and continuous technical assistance, supporting our consumers through a complete package with an advice that jointly leads us to improve quality and performance in the agricultural sector, offering a significant reduction of production costs.