Granulated agricultural plaster

Granulated Agricultural Plaster is raw, uncalcined plaster of very good purity and grain size (2-5 mm mesh) that provides benefits to crops and soil. Provides Calcium (Ca) and Sulfur (S). Furthermore, it has the capacity to displace sodium (Na) present in the soil and improves the physicochemical properties of the soil.


Nombre QuímicoSulfato de Calcio Dihidratado(CaSO4•2H2O)
Familia QuímicaSales de Calcio
TipoUso Agrícola


Common nameGranulated Agricultural Plaster
Chemical nameCalcium Sulfate (CaSO4 + 2H2O)
AppearanceRound white granules
Purity80 -90% (CaSO4 + 2H2O)
Amount of Calcium(Ca) .18 -21%
Amount of Sulfur(S) .13 -17%
Granule diameter2 – 5 mm.


Free Humidity%<1
Oxygen in Sulfate%30.0
Fixed Water%16.9
Iron Oxide%0.17
Aluminum oxide %0.13
Magnesium oxide%0.30
Lead, mg/kg<0.1
Chromium, mg/kg<1.0
Selenium, mg/kg<0.002
Arsenic, mg/kg<0.02
Cadmium, mg/kg<0.02
Mercury, mg/kg<0.001
Fluorine, mg/kg<65.

The Granulated Agricultural Plaster can be applied with conventional fertilization equipment (clipper, box fertilizer, belt applicators, etc.). It can be applied in mixture with the granulated fertilizers or if you prefer, before crawling, on the soca and on the mark above the furrow (before pulling tape and mulching in the case of vegetables)

The Granulated Agricultural Plaster can be applied to all crops and soil types of current agriculture. And in organic crops as a source of Calcium (Ca) and Sulfur (S).

  • During handling, try to minimize the generation of dust.
  • Use safety equipment. (Gloves, mask, glasses)
  • Avoid dragging sacks as much as possible, always proceed safely and with suitable equipment (forklifts, skates, devils, etc).

Store in dry places with little or no moisture.
Place on pallets in good condition, separating it from direct contact on the floor and walls.
Avoid storing outdoors or places with leaks or constant humidity.
Avoid long storage times (120 days maximum)

Use mouth covers and gloves to manipulate the product.
Contact with the skin can cause slight irritation. It is recommended to wash with soap and water.
Contact with eyes, wash with plenty of running water.
Keep out of reach of children. It is a non-toxic product.
Accidental ingestion: Non-toxic.
Inhalation: Irritation of the mucous membrane and throat discomfort.
Skin: Dryness and irritation.
Eyes: Slight irritation without burns

Extinguishing Media: N / A
Personal Protective Equipment: N / A
Special Fire Fighting Procedure and Precautions: N / A
Conditions Leading to Another Conditions Leading to Another Special Hazard: N / A
Combustion Products Harmful to Health: N / A

Use any type of transportation means, platforms, bulk carrier cages, dry boxes, etc., cover with tarps.
Take care not to damage the bags with the forklift blades.
The material is considered non-risky for normal road transport. (Dust generation should be avoided.